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Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR)

Apollo Students LEAD the way...

Leaders of Tomorrow

Takes charge and serves the school and community.

♦ Meal Team ♦ Community Service ♦ Food Packing ♦ Food Pantry ♦

♦ Student Council ♦ Greenhouse ♦ Clean the School ♦


Effective   Communicators     

Expresses and articulates oneself using a variety of forums.

♦ Student Lead Conferences ♦ Exceptional Presentations ♦

♦ Extraordinary Writing Pieces ♦ Art Pieces ♦ Speeches ♦ Tutoring ♦


Academically Resilient

Focuses on improvement, solves problems with creativity, and perseveres.

♦ Exceptional Assignments ♦ Improvements in Ed Plan ♦

♦ Staying After School to Study ♦ Coming in Before School to Study ♦


Developers of a College and Career Plan

Creates a plan to be successful beyond Apollo High School.

♦ FAFSA ♦ College Fair ♦ College Tour ♦ A-G ♦ Decision Day ♦