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Core Courses & Credit Recovery

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Students who attend Apollo will take their core classes with us during the day which includes:
  • Juniors
  • English 3
  • Physiology
  • United States History
  • Integrated Math 3
  • Seniors
  • Expository Rading and Writing Curriculum (ERWC)
  • Physics
  • Economics & Government
  • Mathematical Reasoning with Connections (MRWC)
  • Credit Recovery (CR’s) is the cornerstone of the Apollo program. This is how students repeat all failing course work from their freshman and sophomore school years. Credits can be recovered in a variety of ways:
  • Credit Recovery Contracts (CR) – self-taught learning with a textbook
  • Concurrent classes within Apollo
  • Adult Ed – attend Apollo during the day and Adult Ed at night
  • SVCTE – Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (formerly CCOC) offers courses within 13 industry sectors where junior and senior high school students can explore and develop technical skills that will lead them to higher education or into the workplace.
  • Community College – attend a community college class
  • Enrichment opportunities
    • Apollo has developed partnerships with outside educational institutions to create amazing enrichment opportunities for our students.They include:
      • STEM class that is presented by Santa Clara University
      • Spanish 01A that is presented by San Jose City College
      • Art 024 that is presented by San Jose City College
      • Art in the Dark that is presented by San Jose Art Museum
      • Extended learning time
      • Students who are failing core classes or falling behind on their credit recovery will need to stay extended hours either before or after school for intervention to make-up all missing assignments.